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3 Greatest Misconceptions about Online Marketing & how to Increase Sales

Today, when we are living in a world of technology, the vast majority of entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of online marketing. Nevertheless, sometimes our approach to online marketing is not the best for us. Why? 

Often, we give up too fast and make 3 big mistakes, or we think that the web will work for us. Mistakes are inevitable and even useful, because we learn from them. But they are also expensive. They cost us time, money and missed opportunities. That is why it is best to learn from other people’s mistakes, right?

Let’s take a look at three misconceptions of entrepreneurs about the Internet. If you avoid them, the web will work for you and bring you new clients all the time.


Why do you think if you published a website you already did everything? Let me compare this to a shop that you set up far away from all settlements. Until you build roads to this shop, you have done nothing. Do you know what your roads are in digital marketing? Your roads are Google advertising, search engine optimisation, social media, e-newsletter. 

In the first months after your website is published, it pays to launch a Google advertising campaign, while improving your natural hits ranking with optimisation.

Get email contacts for your e-newsletter as soon as possible. Do not forget about Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. It probably sounds like a lot of work to you, but believe me soon you will get the first results and then decide which channels to invest your time in.


You need to be aware that not every channel is suitable for every industry. First, clarify with yourself and ask yourself how your marketing went. Have you set your goals realistically for this channel through which you advertised? Was it done by the service provider, and if you did it yourself, how did you go about it? Many people start campaigning but can’t even write an effective ad. Which only means that their approach was not the best.

Choosing the right service provider or being educated enough about this type of advertising yourself will make it harder for you to despair or abandon the very channel that could bring about the big leap for you.

If you are well-informed or you have chosen the right service provider, you will not give up too quickly and abandon the very channel that could bring you the biggest increase in sales numbers.


Regardless of the fact that you attract your clients through recommendation of your friends and acquaintances of your other clients, they without a doubt check you online before they decide for you. They check your website or Facebook profile. If you don’t have at least some online presence in this age of technology for a buyer to easily find you, you will lose a lot of business without even knowing it.

In the United States, as early as 2012, more than 80% of consumers searched for information about products and services on the internet. Before a consumer decides to make a purchase, they visit at least 3 online stores, even 10 in some industries. Because consumers compare you to your competitors, what matters is their first impression of your website.

Do not let your competition beat you just because they will have better digital marketing. Get educated on this subject, as it represents the future of doing business. Don’t let your clients get away from you before they even enter your place of business. If you were living in error, I hope this article opened your eyes. The web is important, no matter which industry you work in. I wish you much success in business and online marketing.

Consumers compare you to the competition, so it’s important what their first impression about you is, based on your website.

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