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Crystal Therapy with Jasmina

Crystals are full of energy and at the same time also a conductor of energy. They can help your physical, emotional and spiritual state, enhance your love life, improve sleep, boost the power of healing, as well as help you feel happy and be at peace.

Many people think that these inanimate objects cannot do anything special and do not affect us, but crystals are very much alive and can be of great help to us.

They are full of energy and at the same time a conductor of energy. This is one of the reasons why crystals are used in the manufacture of watches, radios and modern medical devices.

Crystal therapy is a way of working with crystals.

Namely, we can place crystals on or around body parts, we can hold them in our hand, or simply always carry them with us, and with that help the body eliminate certain blockages, increase life energy or support certain life situations that may be related to blockages in our energy vortexes.

My relationship with clients is confidential, honest and beneficial for both sides.

If you find this experience interesting, give me a call and we will arrange a meeting at the Intuitive Princess studio in Izola, where I will introduce you to crystals and their use. Together, we will select the stone that is most suitable for you at this moment and attracts you most with its energy.

I am at your disposal, contact me and we will arrange the first meeting. Choose a better tomorrow, fill out the form below …

60 minutes

PRICE 65 €

60 minutes

PRICE 85 €


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