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Life Coaching, for Better life

As a Life Coach, I encourage and advise clients on a variety of professional and personal questions. Life Coaching is different from the usual counselling, giving advice, mentoring and therapy.

Basically, you hire me as your coach to help you with specific professional projects, personal goals, and transitions in different life situations.

You will get not only a life coach, but also results.

As your partner and trainer, I will support you in understanding and eliminating anything that prevents you from reaching your goals. Usually, we ourselves are the biggest obstacle and often go round in circles of our own beliefs, which sometimes prevents us from seeing a clear picture.

I will challenge you to say “no” to stagnation and enthusiastically say “yes” to the miracles of life available to you, which are just a step away from you. We begin our first coaching session by reviewing your life and identifying areas that need action and/or attention or some kind of change.

I will help you set clear, concrete, and measurable goals, and support you in connecting with your own inner wisdom. Because I know that you are capable of much more than you think or how you currently live and create.

Whether you have a specific goal or are looking for general guidance in life, our relationship will evolve to best support you and find the best solution for you.

I believe that only by working together we can create the right plan for you, which is manageable and personalised – designed specifically for you.

Individual training – a great investment in yourself and your own potential.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to coaching, therefore we talk about your wishes and the method that works best for you to deliver the greatest results.

I do not solve your problems for you, I guide you to solve them yourself. I listen with understanding and complete confidentiality.

My relationship with clients is confidential, honest and beneficial for both sides.

My work extends to many areas, and is mostly based on my own life experiences, from career failure, breakups in the family, divorce, depression, health problems… all these and more were my lessons that have guided me through life and through which I have learned how to deal with different situations and how to maintain my own self-esteem.

I am convinced that we are our greatest advisor and coach, but sometimes we simply need someone else who is not emotionally involved in our situation, but who listens to us and helps us to start the hard work on ourselves.

If I have convinced you, give me a call or write to me, and we will arrange a meeting to get to know more about each other.

We can have a meeting online, via Skype or Zoom, over the telephone, or in person at my Intuitive Princess studio in Izola.

I am convinced that at least six months are needed to achieve success and comprehensive changes. In this way you will reach the set goals and make great progress in your life.

For those who want quick solutions and clarification of certain situations only, I am available for personal coaching online or in person in my studio, where I will ask the right questions to give you a clear picture of the situation so that you will know how to proceed.

I am at your disposal, contact me and we will arrange the first meeting. Choose a better tomorrow, fill out the form below …

40 minutes

PRICE 100 €

60 minutes

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