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Snow-covered Bridge – Paulo Coelho

… personal growth according to Paul Coelho. Ignoring the facts and circumstances around you does not change the state of things.

How many times have you pretended that the world around you did not exist, or were heartless about the facts? Be aware that the only thing that changes facts is action; ignoring changes nothing, so stop procrastinating and live your personal legend.

It is essential for growth to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. Jim Rohn said: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

It may seem banal and even a bit uncomfortable, but the quality of people you meet is essential for growth, because more intelligent people can encourage you.
You can also positively encourage people you spend time with.

Life can be difficult; the secret is that this is up to us.
Life is hard for everyone, some have to fight more, others less. Whatever the case, we have to stop complaining, roll up our sleeves and regain control of our decisions: quality decisions lead to quality consequences.

Smile is a way of opening a communication channel. A lot of people you meet on the street deserve your smile.

How many times have you felt a little better because of a simple smile of a stranger? In exchange for receiving a smile, give a smile; the world will open up and someone else will give you happiness.

We find happiness during the climb, not just at the top.

The top is definitely important, but equally important is the journey, which can often take a long time.

Because climbing consists of many small peaks, it is like enjoying a small part at a time, so it pays to enjoy life and fight for one’s goals.

Sometimes you cannot choose how you feel. You can decide what to do with your feelings, you can stay down or use the situation to your advantage as a future source of valuable experiences.

Never stop learning. Keep learning about the topics that awaken passion in you because you cannot really know how that piece of knowledge will help you make the leap in the quality of your life.

Opportunities are all around you. We are flooded with opportunities every day, but unfortunately most of the time we are not aware of it.

Source: www.crescitaindividuale.com

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