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Why is spirituality so important in a business, and how to become successful with its help? Shatter your convictions, believe and you will be successful. 

Many people are convinced that spirituality does not help us in business. What about you? What are your beliefs? Do you think that entrepreneurship can be spiritual and at the same time more competitive and successful?

Today, I would like to open your eyes about spirituality and business success. Once you open yourself to new beliefs, you will have satisfied employees, good business results and your own satisfaction.

Many entrepreneurs undergo personal development through the development of a business. By doing so, they become aware of the value of life, potentials, the importance of being connected with co-workers and the wider community. In contrast, there is a general belief that spirituality and business do not mix. This is certainly not the case, quite the opposite. Before we begin, however, we need to distinguish between two types of entrepreneurship. The first is exploitation, and the second is creation. The more talk there is about exploitation, the less spirituality will be present, if any at all.  In the past, many corporations acted according to this principle, because greed was the driver. But in the long run, such businesses will no longer be successful, as business is changing because of the rapid flow of information.

Success of a company means the well-being for all.

True entrepreneurship is another story, in which individuals can develop their potential. Businesses create jobs and thus create national prosperity. And the success of a business, means a better life for the whole community. Therefore, the success of a business means wellbeing for everyone. Why do you think Bill Gates and people like him are extremely rich? Bill Gates has donated much of his profits to charity, and we are talking about billions of dollars here. If you watched his speech, it would be clear to you that he has dedicated his life to changing things for the better. Why? He was able to see the beauty and happiness that spirituality brings.

Many successful entrepreneurs are introducing different relaxation methods like meditation into their businesses; we are increasingly reading about and incorporating business ethics, a sustainable attitude towards the environment, caring for health, and creative methods of solving challenges. True entrepreneurs have a vision and want to change the world for the better.

If you are an entrepreneur or want to become one, I offer you some tips on how to make your business successful, yourself happy and achieve a healthy environment.

Do not forget that the employees are the heart of the business. The business that hears faster finds the best solutions. Motivate your employees and listen to them. It is not enough to just listen to them, really hear them and act on their suggestions. Reward their good ideas. Invest in their knowledge and train them. Create a pleasant work environment.

An employer who provides employees with a stimulating work environment and provides for work-life balance will be successful. The work environment must be positive. Introduce meditation or another relaxation method for 20 minutes during the working hours. Believe me, your employees will be grateful to you, they will gratefully co-create your common story, and surely, you will soon be an extremely successful business.

If you are creating your story by yourself, without employees, and you are the only employee in your business, be devoted to yourself and to people who are buying your products/services. Take time for yourself, breathe in, meditate, be content, be happy, consider and understand the people you work with, and the results will come.

I hope that the article motivated you to think about how your business works and that you will make spirituality part of your business. And if the article still hasn’t convinced you about spirituality, there is a huge number of examples of successful entrepreneurs on the internet; read about them and see for yourself. Believe and it will happen.

I wish you all a wonderful rest of the week, lots of business success and satisfaction in your business and life in general.

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