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5 Steps to Entrepreneurship

Online course with unlimited access.

The ideal choice for your business growth. Congratulations, you are just a click away from success.

5 Steps to Entrepreneurship

Online course with unlimited access.

The ideal choice for your business growth. Congratulations, you are just a click away from success.


ONLINE COURSE - 5 Steps to Entrepreneurship with Jasmina

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In today’s turbulent times, there is no safe and secure job, and there are fewer career and job opportunities. For these reasons, increasingly more people are thinking about entrepreneurship, about starting their own business.

I’d say: “Welcome to the club.” Do you have a good idea but don’t know where or how to start?

No worries, you found yourself on my website for a reason. I will guide you through this process and give you an easy introduction to all the processes of starting a business and what you need to know as a good entrepreneur.

Are you ready?! Starting your own business is definitely one of the more important decisions in one’s life. 

Entrepreneurship can be rewarding in many ways. From the possibility of self-realisation, the sense of freedom, creativity, independence, the choice of colleagues, to raising of self-esteem, as well as the potential for great profits.

A lot of books, films and articles were written on this topic, and as we read them, a spark of hope awakens in us that we can do it ourselves. It is true, it takes a lot of courage, a lot of effort, sacrifice and, last but not least, luck to succeed, but that will not stop us from dreaming and entering into entrepreneurial waters.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and I can tell you, if I had to decide again, I would once again take the entrepreneurial path, without thinking twice. Right now.

If you are here, it is definitely because you want to become an entrepreneur yourself, or you already are an entrepreneur and need knowledge that will make it easier for you to do business, make deals with suppliers, negotiate with the bank and, last but not least, communicate with the Tax Administration, which is inevitable if you want to be a good entrepreneur.

It makes the most sense to become entrepreneurial before starting your own business. This means earning an extra euro in an innovative way or completing a major project.

Just think carefully about what you are good at, where do you see opportunities. Entrepreneurship is, after all, the search for opportunities, turning things around, having a vision, selling and working with people.

You can learn this in the beginning without having your own company.

As you tackle this new challenge, you will quickly find out where you lack knowledge and what skills would be most welcome to possess in the future.

It is necessary to assess which skills and knowledge are reasonable to learn yourself and which can be provided by hiring employees.

This is how you start investing in your knowledge and networking with anyone who might be invited to take part in your entrepreneurial story as co-workers, clients, suppliers, consultants, etc.

Networking is an important part of entrepreneurship, which is why you need to keep in touch with people, learn from them, connect with them, and exchange opinion.

I am very active in networking. I work with many entrepreneurs and I always like to meet new entrepreneurs who inspire me time and again with their stories, success, new ideas and the passion that drives them.

As I mentioned earlier, I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. I provide tax and business consultancy services and bookkeeping. I also have a few employees at the moment who are helping me on my path.

Let me tell you, there is no entrepreneurship without co-workers.

I am very fascinated by social networks and digital marketing. I am an economist by education, but I have to say that the human factor inspires me even more than finance and numbers.

I am an NLP coach, crystal therapist, energy coach and I very much enjoy guiding meditations.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I want to tell you what kind of knowledge an entrepreneur needs nowadays to be successful.


Not only the technical knowledge of entrepreneurship and our own industry or sector, but everything else that goes with it, because we sell and market our knowledge and services on a daily basis, which is unrelenting and requires everyone to be a specialist in their own field, as well as in many others, if possible.

That is why I decided to create an online course 5 Steps to Entrepreneurship with Jasmina, because I am convinced that you are already masters in your field and have broad knowledge that will help you create a profitable business. I will help you with administrative, business, financial, and perhaps tax side of things, so that you can shine in your business and easily do the necessary tasks that automatically become your concern when you become an entrepreneur.

The online course is divided into 5 steps, as the name implies, which follow one another in a meaningful order, just as you and your business grow.

In the first part, I will briefly explain where and how to start a business, what is most sensible for you and what form of company would be most appropriate for you. I will describe all types of business entities and I will also explain the differences between them and how to decide which type of business entity is best for you.

I will explain in detail income taxes, tax rates and differences between individual types of business entities.

In the second part, I will talk about banking, bookkeeping and the differences in keeping the books of account of different business entities. I will cover in detail the topic of invoices, when, how, what an invoice should contain, who does not need to issue an invoice and how it is issued by non-taxable and taxable persons. We will examine how to conduct business abroad and what kind of an invoice account should be issued to a foreign company.

We will discuss the Value Added Tax Act. When does it pay off to be a taxable person and when not. Another important part of the topic is when to issue an invoice including VAT and when is a service exempt from tax. What are the tax rates and what is taxed.

In this same part, I will also discuss recruitment and tell you everything you need to know when hiring a new employee. All the pitfalls and techniques you can use to protect yourself safe from the law, and how you can register an employee with an employment agreement.

In the third part, we will deal with costs and expenses and learn what are costs, expenses and outflows. This will be followed by an interesting topic about the difference between revenues and inflows. How they are classified and which are tax deductible and tax non-deductible.

We will learn how to optimise costs in a company and how to plan them.

In the fourth part, you will learn about the difference between AJPES and the Financial Administration and where to submit various accounts and statements.
You will learn what is an annual report and how it is compiled. After this part, you will be able to read a balance sheet and explain it well to a bank. We will look at how tax return is composed and how to pay taxes.

In the first four modules, you will learn all about a company, taxes, regulations, employees, books of account and all the pitfalls of running a business.

In the last part of the course, we will discuss marketing. How to market your products and/or services and how to market yourself and your business, how to tell people what you do. I will tell you a few things about websites, social networks and advertising.

Once all these topics are behind us, you will be ready to embrace the entrepreneurial world in every way and embark on a magical journey of your own experiences and challenges.

With this knowledge you will be able to cope with any business challenge. You will no longer have any sleepless nights and you will say YES to yourself and your success.

Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship, where miracles happen every day and where all ideas and knowledge are more than welcome.

Through five easy steps you will learn all about a business, and how to create and run your own business. The basics of bookkeeping, taxes and employment will be based on practical examples to help you in your business.

I will tell you few things about marketing and social networks and their importance to your business. You can make an informative application in the form below:

Courses and workshops are held live. Currently, the dates of individual courses have not yet been announced.
At the time of purchase, you will be notified of the current dates by me.


5 steps to Entrepreneurship with Jasmina

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