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Energy management and divine power

Online course with unlimited access.

The ideal choice for your personal growth. Congratulations, you are just a click away from enlightenment.

Energy management and divine power

Online course with unlimited access.

The ideal choice for your personal growth. Congratulations, you are just a click away from enlightenment.



Detailed description

Energy management is the connection between the human body, mind and spirit. It connects astrology (signs, planets, houses), energy centres in the body (chakras) and energy flows (meridians). 

There are three levels of the human being: 

The overall picture of our being encompasses all three levels, and only when all three are in balance can they lead to health and satisfaction.

Everything is in the hands of the spirit, which is our inner compass and is infallible if we hear and follow it. The mind is the interface between the spirit and the body; it sends messages of the spirit to the body that lead to negative emotions, deterioration of health, illness, suffering, etc. 

A natal astrology chart is our “magnetic coding” at our birth, at a specific day, hour and coordinates of our birthplace. It affects the individual throughout life, also through their energy centres – chakras and energy channels – meridians in the body.

Surely you have heard of energy vortexes or chakras.

They are actually the energy centres in our body that control our bodily functions and mind. We have seven main chakras, but there is an infinite number of them in our body.

Perhaps you are more familiar with the term aura? It is actually a similar thing.

The human aura is an energy matrix located around the physical body and has seven basic layers. The aura of each individual is powered by the energy of the universal energy field. This energy enters and is processed at the seven main energy centres arranged along the spine; we call them chakras.

Do you wonder what they look like?

Chakras or energy centres actually look like vortexes that, if one is healthy, rotate clockwise at a certain speed.

Chakras are much denser than auras and are easier to detect because of the enormous amount of energy that flows through them, but we still cannot feel them as our physical body. However, chakras communicate with our physical body through our endocrine and nervous systems.

There are seven energy points in our body, i.e. vortexes, which are strong magnetic centres that stimulate hormone action and are connected, on the physical level, to the main nerve tracts and glands of internal secretion.

Energy vortexes or chakras from the bottom up are:

1. Root, main or basic chakra – muladhara

The first, lowest chakra lies at the base of the spine, close to the reproductive, sexual glands. It represents the earth and grounding, physical identity, self-preservation, the source of the will to live, the creation of the material, the protection of home and family.

Its colour is red. When it functions properly, it brings us health, safety, wealth and the dynamics of being.

2. Spleen or sexual chakra – svadhistana

The second chakra lies near the spleen and adrenal gland. It is associated with fluids in the body and represents water, emotional identity and sexuality.

Its colour is orange. Ideally, this chakra enables fluidity and grace, depth of emotion, sexual fulfilment and the ability to accept change.
It represents confidence, creativity and learning.

3. Umbilical or solar chakra – manipura

It lies in the solar plexus and is associated with the pancreas.

It represents fire, ego, self-definition, passion. This chakra is known as the chakra of power, willpower, autonomy and metabolism. When we are healthy, it brings us energy, spontaneity, nondominating power and effectiveness.
Its colour is yellow.

4. Heart chakra – anahata

It lies in the heart region, next to the thymus. Its colour is green and light pink and represents air, social identity and self-acceptance. Because of its central position, it is a mediator between other chakras.

It is connected with love and compassion, it connects opposites: body and mind, woman and man, darkness and light, etc.

A healthy fourth chakra gives us a deep love, a sense of peace and focus, and compassion.

5. Throat chakra – vishuddha

It rests on the thyroid in the neck. It affects the thyroid and metabolism.

It is represented by light blue and as an element of sound. It is related to communication and creativity, expression in general, singing, speaking, etc.

6. Third eye – ajna

It is connected to the pineal gland (epiphysis) at the back of the brain floor (frontal chakra or third eye).

Its colour is indigo blue and its element is light. It represents intuition, self-awareness, creative energy, seeing, both physically and intuitively, the development of spirituality, and the ability to perceive real truth.

7. The seventh, highest, parietal or crown chakra – sahasrara

It is related to the pituitary gland (hypophysis) at the front of the brain floor.

Its colours are gold, white and purple. Its element is the thought. It represents the universal identity, spirituality, the higher self. When it properly functions, it brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection, and enlightenment.

If one of the chakras is blocked, the flow of energy is interrupted, which manifests itself in the form of an illness or not feeling well.

An example of a BLOCKED chakra

One of the chakras is called the heart chakra; it is the fourth chakra (green). It is the centre of love, compassion and spirituality. This centre allows us to love ourselves and others, to receive and give love. This chakra also connects the body, spirit and mind. And having this chakra unbalanced means that a blockage occurs as a rapid mood change, an exaggerated sensitivity, that you often pity yourself, are paranoid, indecisive, scared, or even think you are not worthy of love. It is connected to the lungs, heart, circulatory system, shoulders, and upper back.

The same applies to all other chakras and I would just like to warn you here that if your physical, mental and spiritual body is not harmonised and in balance, you cannot expect to be successful and satisfied in life.

The chakras represent fields of subtle energy in which thoughts, emotions and energy transform into matter and influence the physical body. Everything that happens to us is within us and works through the subtle magnetic coding of our energy centres (chakras) and through energy channels to the physical body, to our organs. Therefore, by changing the internal rhythm, by internal change, we can also change external circumstances and events. 

“As inside, so outside; as above, so below.”  The direct connection between chakras and levels of mind, emotions and events allows us to identify where problematic energy is locked.

If this energy imbalance is cured, both the events and certain psychological, physiological problems caused by the imbalance will change. We can say that chakras are the physiological door through which mental, energy and emotional reactions turn into physical reality, having an effect directly on the body, on the organs of the body through the meridians.          

The quality of our life is directly linked to the state of each chakra (planet), to the level of its development and the quality of its activity, since these energy centres represent the level of physiology at which consciousness changes into matter.

By scanning the chakras, we can discover the problematic areas in life.

By improving performance at the level of energy centres (breathing, energy exercises, etc.), we develop a better level of consciousness, which is liberating. Breath propels our life energy through energy channels. The energy holds our body together; the mind is the interface between the spirit and the body, so it is an art to keep the flow going, not confusing it by dissecting it too much.

The tendency is to keep the whole circuit (spirit–mind–body) a closed circuit, so our vital energy can flow smoothly. The main goal of achieving balance of energy centres is to raise the level of consciousness.

Each chakra is connected to a specific planet and thus to different spiritual teachings and challenges in the path of evolution, in the path of the maturing of the soul.

Recognising these energies and consciously working with them gives us the opportunity to decide whether our challenges will be harmful or bring us full recovery and awakening of our body, mind, emotions, and consciousness. Anything we call a crisis can become the source of energy; the fuel that helps us overcome obstacles. And these become steps on our path to a brighter future. 

An overview of the connection between planets and chakras, and organs connected to a particular chakra

This was some theoretical knowledge about chakras and energy management in general. If you want to learn specifically how chakras work, how to feel them, and how you can learn to release blockages in your body by yourself, you can join us in the online course Energy management.

Throughout this course, you will learn breathing exercises and affirmations in connection with 4 elements.


In part one, you will learn how to stop depleting your own energy. How to close all the holes through which your energy is running out and how to create high vibration and deep peace.

You probably know that we spend most of our energy on superfluous thoughts, mostly negative, that we cyclically repeat in our minds. We can consciously change these thoughts, turn them in our favour. You will create a new mindset that will benefit you. The new mindset will give you more mental energy, and the increase in energy will be the foundation on which you will build your whole life.


Regardless of what you know and can do in life, you cannot live boundlessly and continuously because you will sooner or later run out of energy for all your ventures.

In this part, you will learn how to raise your energy and keep it at the (new) higher level. You will learn how important the level of energy is for your own awareness, clarity and self-esteem. You will raise your energy level and learn how to keep it at a given moment, and focus your attention on the present moment, only on what really matters.


So far, you have learned the secret of clarity and confidence. We know what we want and desire. We are full of energy and vigour, yet there will still be moments in our lives when we “sink” for a few hours, or for a few days, or “get stuck” in some difficult emotional state that is exhausting and hopeless.

In this module, you will learn what needs to be done in these challenging times and how to turn the energy flow, so it works for your benefit and not against you. You will turn the energy flow so that it is in harmony with you again, with all your emotions, and works for you again.


You will create a magical calendar and a way to have more free time, more energy and more ease in life. You will create your own authentic modus operandi that will always give you plenty of time for yourself, for personal rituals that you can use to create miracles.

This knowledge will help you create your own energy calendar that will put you and your balance first and other people’s achievements second. With joy and a smile on your face, you will achieve success in all areas and on all levels of life more quickly and inspire others around you to do the same for themselves.


Now you know how to raise your energy to a higher level and keep it there and joyfully cycle around. The time has come to connect it all together and take the final step.

In order to consistently use all that is good for us, there must be a deeper motive, a deeper connection, and a deeper support that arises only when we connect to our purpose. This module will activate GPS for our mission.

Welcome to the world of personal growth, where miracles happen every day and where all intuitive ideas and knowledge are more than welcome.

Who is this online course intended for?

This course is for you, if you want:

  • to learn the basics about energy vortices;
  • to earn how you can help yourself clear of energy blockages;
  • to finally breathe properly and be full of life energy;
  • to learn how are colours connected to your energy;
  • to raise your vibration and stay at a high level;
  • to interrupt the flow of negative thoughts and climb to the next level;
  • to learn how to meditate and feel better through meditation.

This course is not for you:

  • if you think you have no energy blockages;
  • if you do not need more energy and drive;
  • if you do not want to commit to yourself and your desires;
  • if you think only weird people meditate;
  • if you do not believe that humans are spiritual beings;
  • if you do not want an easier life.

Through energy exercises, breathing and colour visualisation, I will teach you how to eliminate blockages in energy vortexes and how to raise your vibration to attract abundance into your life.

You can make an informative application in the form below:

Courses and workshops are held live. Currently, the dates of individual courses have not yet been announced.
At the time of purchase, you will be notified of the current dates by me.


ONLINE COURSE Energy Management PRICE 19$ ACCESS Unlimited access.


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Energy exercises and affirmations of 4 elements

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