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Intuitive & Success Coaching

Online course with unlimited access.

The ideal choice for your business growth. Congratulations, you are just a click away from success.

Intuitive & Success Coaching

Online course with unlimited access.

The ideal choice for your business growth. Congratulations, you are just a click away from success.



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After sitting at my computer for days wondering how to explain what Intuitive & Success Coaching is all about, I have decided to give you some concrete examples based on which you can figure yourself what this is all about and what you can learn from it.

Let’s start with intuition. Intuition is the ability to know certain information without any explanation as to why we know it.

Intuition is always precise and is not limited by our past experience, knowledge, or current fears and beliefs.

Most entrepreneurs admit that they can make intuitive decisions, though many times they do not even know how or why.

To help you understand how and why, here are some rules to follow:

1. Set clear intentions of what you want to achieve PROFESSIONALY

I have great news for you right away.

Right now, at this very moment, your intuition is already part of the endless possibilities of how you can achieve more success in your business, if that is what you wish, of course.

Within each possibility are endless possibilities of how you can realise this possibility.

Are you confused? Does it sound weird? This is how your brain is and that is exactly how it works. For this very reason the brain ignores most intuitive tips it receives.

Similar to talking to a friend in a noisy restaurant. Your brain filters the rest of the sounds at the restaurant so you can focus on hearing your friend instead of hearing everything going on around you.

When you understand what you want to experience, your brain focuses on intuitive information that is consistent with your purpose and your success and filters (eliminates) everything else.

Many people set goals, but the problem is that they are not aware that their intentions are unclear.

Anything that remains unclear will be considered by your brain to be of no interest to you.
(This is very important information, because if the brain thinks you are not interested, it will stop considering it.)

For example, saying “I plan to earn more” is not a clearly defined goal, and it cannot be fulfilled if you are not more precise.

You may suddenly have a brainstorm, walk down a street and find one cent lying on the sidewalk. You will achieve your goal of making more money – you are richer by one cent.

I once had a client who said she wanted more money and was hit by a car shortly thereafter. She received a settlement and thereby the money she wished for, but in a way that caused physical and emotional traumas. Tragic, right?

Do you really want that?

Clearly, it means understanding your success on emotional, physical and mental levels, in addition to the actual goal you have set.

Let’s go back to the previous example, if you really want to make more money, you can write an intention like this:

I constantly earn 5,000 euros and more, every month, while doing the work I love in a way that brings me a lot of freedom, happiness and joy. I support my clients in achieving results beyond their wildest dreams. I have so much joy and freedom in working with them and it fascinates me who they are and what they do.

And they appreciate working with me because they receive great value and therefore are happy to pay for my services.  In fact, thankfully, they pay on time.

Such an intention guides your brain with laser precision to adopt intuitive vision that will bring you what you are focused on.

 Now think about your business. Ask yourself:

Write a clear list of intentions by answering the questions above. Write down your intentions as if you were currently experiencing them. For example, write “I have clients I love” as opposed to “I want clients I love”.

Sometimes entrepreneurs only have a vague idea of what they want without knowing how special they are. Instead of trying to guess what you want, focus on the feelings and emotions of the big picture that you would like to experience while not knowing exactly what you want.

When you understand what you want your business experience to be, you will immediately gain insight into what really matters to you and what kind of support you actually need compared to what you are currently doing.

This awareness alone forces you to attract this experience.

2. Get into the energy of your intentions

Once your goals are set, give yourself to their energy through meditation.

Meditation is just a process of focusing the mind. There are many great meditations in different styles such as repeating a mantra, affirmation, breathing exercises, transcendental meditation and more. For example, visualisation is a powerful form of meditation that helps you to experience your intentions as if they were happening now. This helps your brain to be even more focused and open to understanding intuition.

To do this now, go into a quiet room and take a deep breath. Then imagine that the business success you wanted was happening now. Really imagine what it would look like, how it would sound, how it would feel physically and emotionally if you had what you wanted. Turn on all your senses. When you do this, you will feel different, better.

Even if you take a few minutes to quiet your mind and read your intentions to feel them, your brain and body will help you focus on them.

  1. Ask your intuition what is the next step

Once you have written down your intentions and become aware of them, you will be more prepared to gain clear insights from your intuition.

When you ask questions in such state, intuition will release information into your consciousness, because your intuition is always accurate the moment you receive it.

The best questions are those that are specific and time-limited.

For example:

  • What is the next step to achieving this result?
  • Who can help me right now?
  • What is the best thing to stop doing now?

NOTE: I always use now as opposed to today/this month/this year – nothing is defined by time but is now, at the moment.

“Bad” questions are those which are too complex, too vague or too general. Questions such as:

  • Will this work out for me? (Of course it will, one way or another.)
  • What should I do? (This is too vague – remember the endless possibilities that are overflowing your brain.)
  • Tell me all the steps I need to take in the course of the whole project. (Again, there are too many possibilities, especially if you haven’t taken any steps so far.)

Most people I work with think that recognising their intuition is the hardest step, but it is one of the easiest.  When they ask a question, most also receive an immediate answer, and those who think they have not received an answer are simply unaware that the idea they received at the very moment is not the result of their thoughts but intuitive information.

This answer or information can be:

Most people do not trust the intuitive information they receive because it is too fast. By that I mean that instead of having a strong emotional and physical experience, for most people intuitive feelings quickly pass, without a trace.

Intuition is not related to emotions; therefore, it is not felt. There is really nothing to feel; you just get the information. This is one of the most important reasons why people do not trust or believe this is it.

A few more words about the emotional feelings associated with intuition.

One of the main problems with intuition is that people think they need to feel intuition in their stomach first, but the fact is that many people get physical sensations outside their stomach before and therefore think they do not have intuition.

We do not experience these bodily sensations as good or bad, but most of the time, in similar situations, they are repeated exactly the same.

When you pay attention to how your body feels in everyday situations, you will realise that your body is actively communicating by intuitive “hits” about how you are doing.

Because each person is unique, the sensations that each person experiences will be different. In order to understand communication of the body, you need to keep track of what bodily sensations are occurring to you in certain situations.

For example, a client was talking to a prospective client and they got a strange feeling in the lower back while talking to that person. They did not know what that sensation meant, but that client turned out to be a very difficult prospective client and not suitable for their business.

By paying attention to your intuitive feelings and trusting them, you can identify and understand the specific information that will help you make decisions in your business.

4. Use the intuitive information you received

This is the hardest step in learning how to use intuition.

When you receive intuitive information, you need to use it. Entrepreneurs do not trust their intuition because it does not seem to make sense based on what they have learned and what they believe in.

Remember that intuition is connected with endless possibilities and is not limited by what you know or think.

Intuition is not emotional. This is our first impression.
Your second impression is that you are judging the information you have received.

If you have not yet dealt with limitations or fears, then your mind will try to get you out of the way. You will be impressed by the emotional side by creating distrust and ignoring the guidance of your intuition.

For example, if you ask your intuition, “what’s the next step for my business”, you might get an image of a local shopping mall.

The second impression might convince you not to listen to your intuition.

It may convince you that going to the shopping mall is a bad decision at the moment and that it does not make sense. It may convince you that intuition is not real. So instead of being at the shopping mall, you sit in your office thinking about endless possibilities. If you went to the shopping mall, you might run into your dream client. Your human mind did not know this and therefore misled you and led you to purposeless thinking.

It is very easy and simple, you just have to let go.

The longer you wait to take action with the intuitive information you receive, the less likely you are to get the same result as if you took immediate action.
Your intuition will repeat the same information over and over again until you use it or until the door of opportunity closes.

If you want to surrender to the flow and learn to hear yourself, your inner self and use your intuition wisely, this is the right course for you. Do not limit yourself with what you know, because there is so much you do not know and what you may need at this moment for your success, but you do not even know it.

Just surrender to the flow and allow your intuition to take you on the path towards your goals, whether they are personal, business, or both at the same time.

Listening to yourself is boundless happiness. Don’t delay your decision, decide for business and personal success today!

Success is 80% mindset and 20% strategy. If you want to experience the powerful combination of creative solutions, powerful strategies and intuitive leadership, full of intuitive and metaphysical principles that will create the mindset that will lead you to the success you dreamed of, but didn’t believe was really possible.

If you are ready to let go of the fight and easily surrender to success, you are in the right place. You get all this and more in this online course, which will further support your energy and eliminate all obstacles that stand in the way of your success.

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