Welcome to ELEVATE YOUR INTUITIVE ENERGY podcast, my name is Jasmina and I am your host.
If you feel like you reached the glass ceiling in your life and business or you are in the comfort zone then you are at the right place.
I am sharing on mind-body approach to understanding and improving human functioning or simple energy psychology knowledge in a way you’ve never experienced before.
I am sharing on openly topics like balancing energy vortices, using meridians and colours for energising the body, their connection with money, life-working balance, spirituality and success and of course business tools and strategies that took me to multiple 6 figures business.
Intuitive Energy Podcast is all about spiritual entrepreneurship and how to use spirituality to achieve success in your business.
You are not only going to develop a fundamental understanding of the concept of spirituality in business but also learn tangible spiritual practices for major success in your business.
You will find answers to questions like can spiritual awakening lead to success in business, can spirituality in business actually increase productivity and resilience and so much more.
What makes this podcast so unique is my personal and divine way of using energetics in everyday’s life to be more productive and joyful immediately.
In this podcast series you will learn simplicity of energy psychology.
Tips and tricks I share are fit to be used in your life and business instantly.
So let’s dive into the magic world of colours and human’s superpowers

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